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Following the webinar on “How to launch a business in a new market and succeed with the help of marketing and digital”

    The webinar for new market expansion was a smashing success! We had 220 registrations, a flood of ideas, and engaging discussions on how to propel businesses forward through strategic marketing.

    Here’s what we discussed:

    1. Market Selection: Insights were shared on making informed decisions about the target market for product launches.
    2. Product Concept: The importance of defining a product concept that resonates with the demand in the new market was a key focal point.
    3. Market Testing: Various methods and techniques for effective market testing were explored to optimize product positioning.
    4. PR and Marketing Tools: The speakers delved into the arsenal of PR and marketing tools essential for a successful market entry.
    5. Risk Mitigation: Practical strategies were discussed to minimize risks associated with servers, clouds, ensuring product reliability in the dynamic market landscape.

    Huge thanks to everyone who joined! Stay tuned for upcoming events – they’re just around the corner!