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I believe in the power of an idea. In the era of information noise, where every advertising channel is overloaded with offers, only bright, unique ideas capture people's attention and turn them into brand fans.

Dima Voloshyn,
Co-Founder of Creators Agency, head of the buidlbee crypto community


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When to Reach Out to Us

You are looking for a creative and reliable partner who will achieve the set goals in the fields of PR and product marketing.

You have a new product that needs to be effectively positioned and packaged in terms of content to be launched on the market.

There is a need for new ideas and an unconventional approach to brand promotion.

You want potential customers and partners to have a positive perception of your product.

You have set the task of growing your own loyal community, and you need a professional approach to communications and content creation.

You want to promote your product through media and thought leaders.

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From Product Idea to Positioning to Content

When entering the market, it is critically important to correctly package the product for target audiences: highlight the advantages and emotional triggers, wrap them in texts, presentations, and visual content. Explain why the product is needed, how to use it, and what makes it better than competitors.

Launching New Products into the Market

We have accumulated expertise in working with most digital tools. For the launch of a new product, we create a strategy and undertake its implementation.

Creative Marketing and PR Ideas

The core of every successful advertising and PR campaign is the idea. We create ideas that attract attention, highlight brand advantages, and engage people.

Community Development

The strength of brands lies in their communities. When people feel part of a brand's community, they trust it and tell their friends about the brand. We have built and managed communities of millions of people.

PR in Media and Among Influencers

People trust media and influencers. When they talk about your product, people listen to their opinion and try it. We know how to make promotion in media and among influencers as effective as possible.

Creating Brand Media and Communities

We have built four proprietary media outlets with a total audience of 3.5 million people. Our own media and a community allows us to strengthen our expertise in buidling the connection with the customer audience, grow loyalty, and interest in the product.

We published articles for our clients in the largest global media

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Dima Voloshyn

Co-Founder of Creators Agency, head of
the buidlbee crypto community

A serial entrepreneur and a startup guy, he has founded 4 companies and made a successful exit.

Born and bred marketer. Over 10 years in the industry. As part of Ghost Marketing, Creators Agency, and Real Talk advertising agencies, he has worked with more than 400 clients.

Dima did marketing campaigns in Ukraine, Georgia, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and Kenya.

His recent project is the buidlbee crypto community, which he grew to 100+ thousand members in 6 months.

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